Don’t Flinch

One piece of advice from my marketing workshop with Draftfcb and the Lagrant Foundation that’s stuck with me over the last couple of days is simply to take the plunge and go for it.

Although the majority of the information and wisdom imparted onto us that Friday afternoon had been advice I’d heard in one form or another before, the way Dominic and the rest of the Draftfcb crew phrased it in their oh-so-refreshing manner just really hit home for me. One nugget of wisdom that I found particularly relevant to my situation stemmed from a question regarding ideas. Dominic mentioned that when you’re in a situation where you have an idea that is slightly off the wall, you just have to dive right in and go for it, no matter how wrong you may potentially be about your idea, your insight, or your perspective on the problem. Yes, there is a potentiality of falling flat on your face and making a fool of yourself, but at the end of the day, you know that you went for it.

The problem only emerges when it comes time to make that critical decision, and you choose to back down and be conservative, deciding that the risk of being seen as an imbecile outweighs all potential benefit of being brilliant. If you flinched at that crucial moment, you ultimately lose, as you may have regrets and ponder over “what if” questions in the future. Don’t be the person wondering “what if” they had done something differently in the past. Don’t flinch.

Then again, advice is much easier to dispense than to actually execute. Words are cheap, while action takes a lot more to fulfill. This insight, while a tad trite, is quite on-point for me, as I chronically suffer from the problem of trying to act and seem smarter than I actually am. Although I’ve heard from so many sources that you shouldn’t let the opinions of others impact the way you live your life, it’s still hard for me to let that ego go. It’s difficult for me to admit that I don’t know something, and to ask for help when I’m confused. Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to try and make it more of a point to gradually work on breaking down this ego and become more fearless. I want to learn to take the riskier route and not flinch when it comes down to crunch-time.